The New Custom in Banking

Prism™ opens up new possibilities. Whether your need is to customize your screens, develop new revenue-generating services, drive down your maintenance and operating costs, or satisfy a regulatory requirement, Prism liberates your ATM content from the rigid and expensive development requirements of proprietary systems.

Prism has capabilities of running on any ATM network driven by standard ATM device handlers. With 912 Emulation, Prism allows for seamless integration and compatibility with your existing network. It is just that simple.

Use Prism to Enhance Your customers' Experience:

With web functionality built-in, Prism controls user interactions at the ATM, providing your ATM users with rich, interactive, branded content. In fact any multimedia content supported by Microsoft® Internet Explorer can be displayed at the ATM channel, Prism allows you to deliver a greater level of service at a lower cost. Specialty services, advertising and cross-selling are easy to implement with Prism.

Use Prism for Cross-Platform Support:

If your ATM network consists of ATMs from multiple vendors, new services are difficult to deploy because of the need to implement the service in multiple client applications. Prism, however, is built atop Microsoft's industry standard XFS interface, enabling the same application to run on any Windows-capable ATM. As a result, you can cost-effectively develop new Web services and deploy them across your entire network.

"By combining Triton ATMs and Prism, the full capabilities of the web are available at your ATM location."

"Brand your locations cross-promote other financial services and even customize ATM screens for specific customers. Instantly, easily and affordably"

Customize for Customers.
The Clear Advantages of an ATM Network, Customized for Your Brand

The ability to use Web technology to deliver rich, engaging, easy-to-maintain and secure HTML content with your ATMs has created completely new ways to differentiate your services. Now you can offer new and improved products that can give you the edge needed in an increasingly competitive marketplace from the access point that virtually everyone uses, the ATM .
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 Offers Greater Control with Customized
Provide an Enhanced Customer
Deploy a Robust Product & Service
Delivery Channel.

  • Integrated web server with customer
  • Provides real-time content from other bank-
         end banking applications
  • Online banking
  • Bill payment
  • CRM/MCIF data
  • Provide real-time transactions
  • Leverage existing application
  • PIN Changes at ATM

  • Transaction personalization
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Access to diverse transactions, services
         and information
  • Statements, check reorder, stop payment,
         cancelled check image
  • Customer access to personal portfolio and
         available rates
  • Enable target marketing
  • Maintain interface flexibility to customers

  • Provide differentiated products and pricing
  • Decrease time-to-market for new features
  • Increase quality of service, functionality
         and lead generation
  • Supports marketing and promotional
  • Targeting & cross-selling of financial
  • Maximize market presence without major
         changes to existing network

  • Sample deployment option for customized content throughout your financial institution.