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July 28, 2010
Aimee Leeper
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Triton Security Updates

Black Hat demonstration of potential ATM security vulnerabilities

Long Beach, MS — Always watchful for potential threats to ATM security, Triton released a software update last fall for all current ATM models built on the X2 platform. The update employs digital signatures to prevent loading of unauthorized software onto Triton's ATMs. Triton is pleased to confirm that this security update is an effective defense against attacks like the one demonstrated today by Mr. Barnaby Jack at Black Hat USA 2010, a ‘digital self defense’ conference.

Security updates are now also available for Triton's legacy XScale platform units (no longer in production, but often still in use).

Mr. Jack alerted Triton of his efforts prior to public disclosure, offering sufficient time for analysis. This responsible approach to security research is certainly appreciated.

It should be noted that attacks like these require expert technical skills, knowledge, and equipment. Triton is unaware of any such attack fruitfully perpetrated on a Triton ATM actually in use.

Security is among Triton's utmost concerns; strengthening our ATMs' defenses is an on-going effort. The opportunity is welcomed to highlight the success of Triton's continuing efforts to protect ATMs from emerging threats. Triton is hopeful that Mr. Jack's work serves as a reminder to customers to be vigilant about installing software updates immediately upon release.


ABOUT TRITON — Triton, with approximately 200,000 installations in over 24 countries worldwide, is a leading provider of off-premise and financial ATMs and ATM management software. With a complete line of products for retail locations and financial institutions, Triton is committed to redefining and leading the market for cash delivery systems. Triton is headquartered in Long Beach, Miss. For more information about Triton, please visit or call +1 (228) 868-1317 or toll free (800) 367-7191 in North America.

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