ATM Advertising
An Easy, Cost-Effective Way to Promote Products & Services

Faced with the high cost of doing business and fierce market competition, ATM owners who are looking for ways to cross promote products and services should look no further than their own ATM. When considering options for advertising and promotion, the ATM is actually a very cost-effective and easy place to start.

ATMs are an excellent, and often overlooked, source for advertising and cross-selling. With advanced ATM functions such as scheduled ad graphics, and printed coupons and receipts, retailers can easily promote their in-store specials and increase purchase volume on any store item, and financial institutions can quickly and easily cross promote their products and services to a captive audience.

ATM Advertising: A Smart Investment

Compared to traditional advertising outlets such as television, billboards and print ads, the cost of an ATM advertising campaign is marginal. All Triton ATMs come equipped with the ability to load custom designed screen graphics and to print coupons or marketing messages on the receipt. And, because Triton ATMs are Windows® based, ATM owners can easily create colourful ads, promotions and coupons that catch the cardholder's eye on their own PC. Financial institutions that use traditional methods of advertising such as television can easily incorporate their television ads or other full motion images onto the ATM, thereby delivering a consistent and visually stimulating message right to their customers.

In addition to onscreen advertising and coupons, ATM owners can also physically brand their ATMs with professional looking, attention-grabbing ATM graphics or wraps and customized signage. Customized wraps and signage with the brand of the financial institution or retail merchant are a cost-effective way to draw attention to your ATM and to increasing transaction volume.  

ATM Advertising: A Success Story

One convenience store chain in the United States uses rotating coupons — 2-for-1 store product specials or a free cup of coffee — and tracks usage with a barcode printed on the coupon. By delivering a valuable coupon in a printed format and dispensing it at the point-of-sale, the retailer was able to reward his customers for using the ATM, increase ATM usage in his store and develop customer loyalty with regular store specials. The cost to the retailer was minimal but the rewards were great in terms of customer loyalty and increased store sales.

ATM Advertising: Toppers

Toppers provide an easy method of increased visibility of your ATM advertisement. Buy one today!