Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs with Remote Monitoring

This cutting edge ATM monitoring software operates from your personal computer and allows you complete control of your Triton ATMs while reducing your costs and increasing your efficiency.  Remote ATM maintenance is worry free with Triton Connect.  With Triton Connect, you can easily:

Monitor the status of one or all of your ATMs from a single PC
View electronic journal data for use in settling disputes,
Update ad screens, messaging, and other programmable features with the
    click of a mouse, and
Keep tabs on revenues from your entire Triton ATM estate
Triton Supports Overdraft Notifications learn more

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Journal Data

All Triton ATMs come standard with an electronic journal. Triton Connect allows you to upload journal records and view them on your PC. With your data in electronic form, you can export it to dozens of external programs for reporting and searching.  Data can also be archived in the system based on user-defined dates, and archived data can be restored and viewed. To be sure your data is secure Triton Connect can also automatically back-up data at user-defined schedules.

Alarm Monitoring

To prevent lost income with out-of-service ATMs, Triton Connect notifies you when an ATM is down so you can get it back up and running as soon as possible.  Triton Connect can send status or error messages from the ATM to multiple destinations via e-mail, alphanumeric pager, mobile phone and text messaging.  Triton Connect can be programmed to notify one person when the printer is out of paper and a different person when the ATM is low on cash.  In addition, Triton Connect allows you to view ATM downtime and status message reports over specified periods of time.

Access & Control

Triton Connect is networkable so users can manage ATMs from multiple workstations – each with his own set of access privileges.  The software is fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and XP Professional and may connect to other computers on standard Novell Netware or Windows NT server-based networks.  Additionally, Triton Connect supports dial-up, TCP/IP, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and wireless communications.

Password Management

You can remotely change terminal Master and Administrative passwords with Triton Connect.  This saves time and money as it eliminates the need for a service call.

Marketing and Advertising

Triton Connect makes it easy to load and run ad screens and messaging on your Triton ATMs.  The versatility of Triton Connect allows you to run multiple ads on multiple Triton ATMs all at the same time – all from your PC.  For instance, a user can load full-color ad screens on an ATM in Seattle, schedule ad screens on an ATM in Atlanta to appear during the busy lunch hour, and change the printable coupons on an ATM in New York to take advantage of promotional opportunities.

Configuration Information & ATM Parameters

Triton Connect displays current programming of all your ATMs. The status of features such as surcharging, couponing and others can be retrieved, and changed quickly and easily.  In addition, ATM software versions can be viewed and updated via the scheduling agent.  Device status and firmware versions are also available at your finger tips.

ATM Models Supported with Triton Connect

ARGO Traverse RL1600 RL2000 RL5000
FT5000 RT2000 8100 9100 9600 & 9700