VersaLink® Remote Monitoring Software

Versalink® , Triton’s newest remote monitoring solution, provides  powerful web- based monitoring of systems in the field.    When paired with the VersaSafe®, VersaLink® allows assigned users to keep track of their safes activity  24/ 7 from a web based device  or computer including  via mobile iPhone and Android applications.

With the click of a mouse, VersaLink® allows you to:

  • View cash levels, both validated and dropped, in order to optimize armored car visits.
  • View, print, and save personnel, shift, and end-of-day audits.
  • Update VersaSafe® software and bill validator firmware remotely.
  • Manage user accounts and VersaSafe® settings.
  • Dispatch technicians via text message or email notifications.
  • Determine the overall health of the VersaSafe® and individual components.
  • Putting these tools in the hands of the customer increases the customer's ability to monitor and control their VersaSafe® and their cash management system as a whole.
    • Bill Acceptor Close Report
    • Cassette Close
    • Day Close Report
    • Deposit Report
    • Drop Close
    • Pickup Close Report
    • Transaction
    • Trial Cassette Close

Versasafe.comImagine, with a VersaSafe® that accepts and validates cash and checks and communicates with the existing POS system and an ATM that communicates with VersaLink as well, a retailer can easily manage their entire revenue stream.



Visit VersaSafe®.com today to learn more about how much VersaSafe can increase your return, and to sign up for a free trial of Versalink®.