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Introducing VersaSafe®
An intelligent high-tech means of tracking, storing and balancing multiple cash sales.

The VersaSafe® is a remarkably fast, secure and accurate vault deposit system for cash-intensive businesses. It is the most intelligent means to track, store and balance multiple cash sales.

Retailers would rather spend less time counting money and more time on the sales floor. Help them automate the cash trail and increase productivity with the VersaSafeTM. They can quickly and accurately secure cash and dramatically reduce both internal and external theft, while optimizing armored car carrier visits.

The VersaSafe®can pay for itself in no time through these efficiencies and also via provisional credit. With provisional credit, once deposits are made into the smart safe, data is transmitted to the financial institution or armored car carrier. Then provisional credit is extended while the funds are still physically at the retailer, allowing much quicker access to the funds.

Visit VersaSafe®.com today to learn more about how much VersaSafe can increase your return, and to sign up for a free trial of Versalink®.


Smarter than the average safe. Stronger than the average tank.

With a color display, a simple interface and speech feedback, VersaSafe makes it easy for you to customize its functions to fit your business. It tracks and timestamps every transaction, increasing both effectiveness and efficiency. A high-capacity electronic journal even stores thousands of individual transactions and user histories for easy reference.

VersaLink® Software Pack:
  • Speech engine for audio feedback of deposited bills
  • Supports 10,000 individual users
  • Supervisor-only access to management functions
  • Electronic journal stores 32,000+ transactions
  • Run reports: By user; End-of-shift; End-of-day
Optional Features:
  • Monitoring package
  • Software customization available
  • API for back office integration
  • Locking bill acceptor cassettes
  • Bunch note feeder
  • Cencon 2000 lock with audit trail
  • Extended warranty
VersaSafe ®
Perfect for any business. Because it's customizable for yours.

Dimensions: 28” h x 16” w x 22” d

Weight: 385 lbs.
    – Heavy duty 1/2”-steel vault construction - UL291 level 1 rated
    – Electronic lock with time delay access
    – Relocking vault door design to prevent drill attacks
    – Vault door switch alarm
    – 5 bolt floor anchoring
Power: Input 85-264VAC, 50/60Hz

Product Brochure

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Controlling Interchange Fees

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Until a few years ago, safes in a restaurant or other business were typically reinforced boxes. Although the lock may have incorporated timers, electronic keypads or other high-tech features, the only way to know what was inside the safe was to open it and physically count the contents. The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, a federal law enacted in 2003, paved the way for banks to use image processing technology to convert paper checks into electronic images. The technology, known as remote check capture, allowed merchants to process checks faster and reduce the number of trips they had to make to the bank.